Cubic 英國-香港行李海運 買八送一優惠活動

2016/5/19 22:01:45
Cubic物流提供您全年最平 最安全 最安心 嘅門到門服務!
寄滿八箱即可享受一箱免費! 仲等咩? 快d訂購啦!

  1. 優惠期間 5月09日-9月30日之間,"Empty Box Delivery" (寄空箱)和"Sending Box"(收箱)必須必須同時發生在此活動期間,且須從英國單一地點收件/寄件

  2. 必須在Sending Box下單時候註明:  “I Love HK” 才享有折扣,帳單開立後補則無此優惠

  3. 海/空運箱數中,費用最少的箱子(如8箱中價格最低的箱子)將會是免費箱

  4. 每箱限重30公斤,超重會有30鎊超重費,且同時喪失此折扣優惠

  5. 折扣不包含香港端不同地址運費,或其他相關額外服務費用,實際價格請參考網站Price Calculator

  6. 其他折扣方案不能和此活動同時使用

  7. 此活動僅適用在英國海運/空運出口至香港

  8. 此活動不適用於商業物品(販售商品之客戶)運送

  9. 此活動適用於Cubic Logistics 服務條款

  10. Cubic 保留最後優惠權

  11. 任何疑問之處請email至

  12.  海運流程說明:

1. Offer begins on 09.05.16 and ends on 30.09.16.
2. "Empty Box Delivery" order to ONE DESTINATION and "Sending Box" order from ONE DESTINATION point 
3. MUST enter "I Love HK" in message box when making "Sending Box" order to ACTIVATE DISCOUNT.
4. Every 8TH box in shipping order will be FREE
5. The CHEAPEST BOX price will be used as the FREE box. Please check "Price Calculator" for our shipping price.
7. Discount does NOT apply to any CHARGES, FEES and ADDITIONAL SERVICES incurred
8. Each box MUST NOT EXCEED 30KG. There will be £30 OVERWEIGHT CHARGE if OVER 30KG for EACH BOX
9. Discount WILL be INVALID if any boxes are OVERWEIGHT.
8. Other promotions and offers CANNOT be used in conjunction with Easter 8 offer.
10. SEA and AIR shipment to Hong Kong ONLY. 
12. All other Cubic Logistics TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY
13. Cubic's DECISION is FINAL
14.Shippingn process:
15. Please email us any further enquiry