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How to pack?How to pack?

How to pack?

• Please try to fill your box to the maximum to ensure no gaps and space. This is because during transit boxes are organised on top of each other and the weight may cause the boxes below to damage. At the same time the up/down movement on vessel may also cause damage to the boxes below and on side. You may fill up those space with old clothes, unwanted newspaper etc. It is best advised to seal the box with tape on top, bottom, edges and sides to ensure maximum protection.

 • Please pack any fragile and liquid items safely and properly by securing with tape, bubble wrap, newspaper etc. It is best advised to pack the any fragile and liquid items  in the middle of the box for maximum protection. Please label "Fragile" on your the side of the box to let everyone know to handle with care.

• It is best advised that any important documents such as passport, birth certificate, visa, ID etc NOT to be sent together with your personal belongings. You should take them with you at all times.

 • If you are sending your own luggage please do not lock it.  There is a chance that if Customs conduct a check they will break it to enter into your luggage. but if you use Customs lock is exception.


•  請確實將您的箱子填滿不要留有空隙,空隙處可塞入衣物或是舊報紙,運送過程可能會產生合理範圍的擠壓受損,請在限重內將您的箱子扎實打包,並請確實將外箱頂部和底部都封牢,以避免紙箱相互擠壓破損

•  任何易碎品請加強包裝(包含鍋碗瓢盆等),液體類的也請用報紙還有塑膠袋加強包裝,並請放置於箱子中間周圍放置柔軟物品保護,箱內有易碎品者請在外箱寫上易碎品(Fragile)字樣

•  重要文件檔案或具個人隱私的硬碟,畢業證書,護照,身分證以及高價值物品如電子產品不建議打包入箱

•  若您使用個人行李箱,請勿上鎖(海關鎖可上鎖) ,海關有機會會開箱檢查