What is the maximum weight per box?

What is the maximum weight per box?

30KG is the maximum weight for each box/item. What would happen if your box is overweight?

* The driver may refuse collection if your box is overweight 

* The driver might return the box after the collection if the box is overweight. You will also need to pay for the re-collection charge

* If the driver accept the overweight box there will be, at least, GBP30 overweight charge depending on the overall weight

 If you have extremely large/heavy item(s) to send please contact us 2 working days in advance for the quotation and collection arrangement.


每箱/件限重30公斤, 如果超過30公斤司機有權利拒絕收箱,或收到轉運中心測量超重後會予以退還或直接有超重費用(依照重量有超重費用30英鎊以上)


如果您有大型或是過重的物品, 請事先和我們詢問報價 並於收箱兩個工作日前和我們服務人員聯繫